Holiday Harvest (6 Dishes Bundle)

Holiday Harvest (6 Dishes Bundle)

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Serves 8 - 10 guests

Introducing the "Holiday Harvest" - a symphony of culinary delights, meticulously crafted for your festive celebration. Every dish promises a taste of luxury and festive joy, making it the perfect centerpiece for your holiday table.

Main Roasts
Superior Tomahawk Steak (1.2kg)
Grilled to medium perfection, with vegetables, mustard sauce, and chimichurri sauce.

Honey-Glazed Festive Chicken Ham (1.5kg)
Glazed with honey, served with raisins and spiced mustard sauce.

Savoury Sides
Salmon Wellington
Salmon-loin, sweet mustard, and sautéed spinach wrapped in flaky puff pastry, served with garden greens and lemon caper cream.

Traditional Chicken Shepherd's Pie
Comforting chicken sautéed in tomato sauce, topped with purple sweet potato.

Garden Greens
Moroccan-Style Whole Roasted Cauliflower
With mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce

Sea Salt Cocoa Tartlets & Lemon Whispers Tartlets (20 pcs)
Delightful bite-sized tartlets with cocoa and sea salt or zesty lemon.


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